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For me, ... so that I can reach and carry out by myself all necessary decisions – with my head and heart !

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Many attempt to reach decisions on the basis of clear facts, others again act by instinct. We should not leave either one out of consideration. There are logical factors to be taken into consideration in every decision. The best way is to note down these “positive” and “negative” aspects on a sheet of paper and thereafter assess them point by point. In order to be able to make a “correct” decision, we should additionally “tune” into each of these points. Do I have a good, pleasant and/or strong feeling about it? Are my feelings weak or scarcely perceptible? Do I sense resistance? Do I feel unwell? If we have fundamental difficulties in reaching a decision, this has always to do with fear. This can additionally lead to our feeling “paralyzed” for a considerable period of time. If we do not know which decision is the “right” one for us, it is probably always better to reach a temporary decision instead of waiting – and to reflect on the matter once again at a later date. Admittedly, perhaps we realize later on the basis of experience that we have made a “wrong” decision. But don’t we often learn precisely on account of such “mistakes” for most of our lives? Many spiritual masters explain that the process of decision-making is extremely important in order to give our lives a completely new direction within a short period of time - when we also are ready to carry through our decisions into everyday life.


Clear Decider! can be used for:

Clear Decider! can support, among other things:
integration of head and heart in the decision process
weighing “positive” and “negative” aspects
reaching “correct” decisions
reaching decisions with feeling and logic
realizing decisions
carrying out decisions with discipline
consciously considering decisions
knowing what you want
standing by decisions and yourself
better being able to understand “wrong” decisions

Clear Decider! can redress:
delay and hesitation
fear of decisions
lack of ability to carry through decisions
blocks in carrying through decisions


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Clear Decider!

Clear Decider!

For me, ... so that I can reach and carry out by myself all necessary decisions – with my head and heart !