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For me, ... so that I may learn successfully in an easier, better and joyful way and may retrieve the knowledge at any time !

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In order to learn successfully it is crucial to balance the right and left sides of the brain. The right, “female”, side is directed inwards and has at its disposal unlimited possibilities in the areas of intuition, imagination and creativity. The left, “male”, side is oriented outwards and supports our logical thinking and intellectual abilities. Owing to our scientific orientations and beliefs it is mainly development of the left side of the brain that is encouraged in schools and the educational system as a whole, while the right and creative side is neglected. If both sides of the brain are linked during the learning process, learning potential will be greatly increased. A good example is pictorial visualization. When you think of the words “Eiffel Tower”, the left side of the brain (which deals with words) is automatically linked with the right side (which deals with pictures). It is in this way that knowledge is memorized and is able to be retrieved. Concentration, joy, motivation, rewards and setting clear goals are the keys to success. By trusting that the correct information is retrievable at any time, we achieve our learning goals quickly, efficiently and with enthusiasm. In the alpha state** the learning, retention and retrieval of knowledge is brought to perfection.


Easy Learner! can be used for:
young people from the age of puberty*
grownups of every age

Easy Learner can be used as follows, for example:
school and studies
further education and training
hobbies (e.g. learning to play an instrument)
animal training

Easy Learner! can support the following processes:
learning in the alpha state**
connecting both sides of  the brain
retaining what has been learnt
retrieving knowledge at any time
learning faster and better
setting priorities
learning with joy and motivation
grasping the essentials
endurance in learning
learning playfully

*For children prior to puberty easy learning is integrated into the C7Tools Angel! and Indigo!

**The alpha state is a state of brain-wave activity that is a more restful state than normal waking consciousness, but does not indicate sleep. This state can be reached consciously and is extremely suitable for learning and retaining. Unconsciously, we experience this condition while day-dreaming.


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Easy Learner!

Easy Learner!

For me, ... so that I may learn successfully in an easier, better and joyful way and may retrieve the knowledge at any time !