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For me, .... so that I can be patient and calm with myself and all others in every situation !

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Patience means being able to wait and is considered a virtue. It means that we can live with unfulfilled longings or wishes or consciously put them aside – and hope that they will soon be fulfilled. In everyday life many people are impatient both with themselves and others. No matter what situation we are in or what we want right now, everything has to be dealt with and achieved immediately. But if we immediately got what we wanted, would it be what is best for us? Often at a later point of time we don’t at all want what we yearn for in the now. Being able to wait patiently is often associated with anticipation – we start thinking about our imminent holiday or a soon to be effected purchase. Can it be that this anticipation is more intense than the joy of actually having what we want? As soon as the wish is fulfilled, it is often taken for granted after a short time – and we again want something new. If we discover the joy in the waiting and enjoy what we already have, then patience can be a pleasant feeling.


My Patience! can be used for:


My Patience! can support the following, for example:
being patient with yourself
being patient with others
having patience in a particular situation
being and remaining calm
being able to wait for the fulfillment of your wishes
being happy about the present state of affairs

My Patience! can redress the following, among other things:
impatience with yourself
impatience with others


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My Patience!

My Patience!

For me, .... so that I can be patient and calm with myself and all others in every situation !