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For me, ... that I may develop my sixth sense and use it in my daily life !

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We all have the ability to feel all information within ourselves. Listening to a small child enables us to experience the meaning of the sixth sense. All of us are born with that skill. In growing up we either forget or unlearn that skill. It is with certainty, that you used your sixth sense in the last seven days and received information through it. By consciously remembering and using your sixth sense in your daily life, you will open up possibilities for yourself beyond your wildest dreams.
Don‘t compare yourself with others. Overcome your self doubts and trust only in yourself. Develop your own and unique sixth sense.


Sixth Sense! can be used by:
all beings from puberty onwards

Sixth Sense! can be used among other things for nonverbal communication with:
other humans
earthly spirits like Faries, Elves
objects and machines*
collective energy fields**
other worlds and universes
It can enhance supernatural
abilities, to name a few:
astral journeys
seeing of aura
out of physical body experiences
mediumistic abilities

* Example: Sense, why your computer is not working.

** All thoughts of all beings directed towards one specific subject (i.e. USA) forms one collective energy field, which stores all knowledge including visual images  and feelings, that belong to that subject. We nourish that energy field with each positive or negative thought. The total sum of all thoughts, including our own, are responsible for the change of this energy field. We can reduce or expand it, depending on whether our thoughts are positive or negative.


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Sixth Sense!

Sixth Sense!

For me, ... that I may develop my sixth sense and use it in my daily life !