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For me, ... so that I can absorb at any time the subtle vibration of Germanium !

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Germanium has a special molecular structure. On a bi-dimensional plane, it resembles the Star of David, symbol of great cosmic strength. On a tri-dimensional level it corresponds to a double- or star tetrahedron. This structure is also known as „Merkaba“ and symbolizes the optimal form of human energy. It is only found intact in a few human beings, because it is altered externally by impacts of daily life and through personal influences. The conscious contact with organic Germanium gives our human system the possibility to find its original structure again. People who have no experience with meditation and do not know the influence of the Merkaba, can profit from employing the Germanium C7Tool.


Germanium! can be used for:
Humans of all ages
Animals of all ages
Plants (activate the water)

The C7Tool is indicated for:
The absorption of all the subtle
qualities of Germanium.
It can enhance balance among others:
The circulation of the blood
The managing of the cholesterol level
The detoxifying of the body
Free radical ties
The oxygenation of the body
The stimulation of the immune system
It can give energies to achieve:
An optimal Merkaba
The sacred geometry within the body
To harmonize the subtle balance in the body
The vitalizing of the spirit and the body

* Blueprint: In each part of the body, even in each cell of the body, the perfect condition of it is saved.


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For me, ... so that I can absorb at any time the subtle vibration of Germanium !