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For me, ... so that I can experience the essence of Scorpio – its basic energy preserves life !

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The positive aspects show what the persons love to do, and indicate their innate abilities and ideal possibilities for development. If one applies what is shown by these aspects, one can create “a beautiful life” for oneself, since no resistance exists on the soul level. The shadow (challenging) aspects are more or less built-in blockages of the soul of the person born under the sign. If one deals with these, one can understand oneself better, reflect on these “blockages”, integrate the aspects and finally overcome them. In this way the full potential of the star sign can be developed.


Scorpio! can be used for:
partnerships and friendships
business relations
animals and plants
objects whose “birthday” (date of creation) is known

For one’s own personal development:
The energy can help to understand, accept, integrate and, if so desired, overcome the assigned aspects.

For living together with others:
With Scorpio! one can feel the energy of a being born in this star sign. This promotes understanding and mutual respect, and reduces conflict.

Usage of Scorpio!:
If you take the C7Tool in your hand, it will adjust automatically to you. All angles and planet constellations will be integrated. When using the C7Tool on behalf of others, you can avail yourself of the formula: ”For me, so that I can better understand (name)”.

Independence and range of the energy:
The C7Tool supports in each case, no matter which astrological direction or method one has faith in.


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For me, ... so that I can experience the essence of Scorpio – its basic energy preserves life !